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Human Research Protection Center

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Human subjects in any part of the research should be protected for their ethical rights and safety. We protect the rights and well-being of human research subjects

HRPC's primary mission is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of all human research subjects at Asan Medical Center.

Human Research Protection Center strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in the protection of human research participants and seeks to identify and implement means for ensuring the protection of its research participants.


HRPC serves to ensure the safe and ethical conduct of research that will protect human subjects under mutual trust and integrity for the pursuit of scientific knowledge and human benefit.

Human Research Protection Center Settle down R&D focusing on subjects Secure the system to protect subjects’ rights and interests Representative of subjects’ rights and interests Protection of Subjects’ Rights and Interests/Ethical R&D Leader in ethical R&D culture Build the system to secure the compliance of R&D ethics Make the R&D environment based on cooperation and reliability

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