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Intellectual Property Management Office

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AILS does its best to secure and activate the commercialization of intellectual property rights. AILS enhances the R&D enthusiasm by supporting and securing intellectual property rights through systematic management and support from planning to commercialization.

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Providing professional support from initial R&D planning to its commercialization.

R&D Commercialization Institute enhances the scientists' enthusiasm on R&D by securing the intellectual property rights and activating its commercialization through systematic management and support. It will also create a new source of revenue for the center.


R&D Commercialization Institute provides professional support of the overall process from R&D planning for commercialization.

01Initial R&D planning by scientists 02R&D Collaborative Study 03Securing/Managing Intellectual Property Rights 04Preparation for Commercialization


  • Support the IP application and registration process
  • Host seminars and train on current IP issues
  • Support technology transfer, commercialization
  • Advising on IP issues by patent agents
  • Operate Job-Invention Review Committee
  • Consultingn on contract documents for R&D commerciallization

01Intellectual Property Right Application Application Program for Invention related to Duties 02Deliberation Deliberation committee on invention related to duties 03Application 04Registration 05Technical Transfer & Commercialization 06Profit Sharing Regulations on Compensation on Invention related to Duties