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Clinical Trial Center

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Lead the clinical research with optimum R&D environment in Korea and abroad. Implementation of world-class infrastructure, R&D agreement with multinational pharmaceutical firms, R&D agreement with CRO, increasing number of clinical tests.

Clinical Trial Center in Seoul Asan Medical Center will cooperate for progressive R&D and human-focused R&D.

Clinical Trial Center(CTC) was established in 2002 to conduct ethical and scientific clinical tests. It was designated as the Regional Clinical Trial Center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2006. It has been creating diverse achievements including the implementation of world-class infrastructure, R&D agreements with multinational pharmaceutical firms and CRO through continuing R&D support and increasing number of clinical tests.

The center has contributed to strengthen global competitiveness and clinical test level in Korea by concentrating on the attraction of early phase clinical tests that requires advanced technology and creates the highest value.


  • Research Coordinator Office: Coordinator and research implementation support, recruitment, management and education of subjects.
  • Clinical research ward: Operation of a ward for healthy subjects participating in clinical tests.
  • Research Examination Room: Blood sampling, ECG, clinical specimen management.
  • Clinical Pharmacy: Preparation, storage and management of drugs for clinical tests.
  • Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory: Drug analysis, clinical specimen storage and management for clinical tests.
  • Data Management: Database management and verification
  • Research Budget: Calculation, payment and settlement of research expenses.
  • Research Contract: Examination, coordination and execution of R&D agreements.
  • External Affairs: Cooperation and exchange activities with other institutes, promotion on the center and execution of center tour program.