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Clinical Research Center

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AILS as the clinical research leader with global competitiveness. Clinical Research Center Laboratory has been devoted to strengthen the ability of researchers and support clinical researches since its establishment in enhancing clinical research level.

Contribute on realizing the dream of life extension securing the healthy life of human beings through world-class clinical R&D.

Clinical Research Center was opened on the first day of October, 2011 in order to raise the quality of clinical research at Asan Medical Center. Clinical Research Center has put efforts on strengthening the competency of researchers, supporting core areas of research [statistics and information], retaining globally accepted reliability, setting up strategic organizations [ARO and Phase I Unit], securing research resources [Bio-Resource Center], supporting Protocol Review & Monitoring Committee [PRMC], and enhancing the efficiency of clinical research [Fee for Service].

Currently, Clinical Research Center mainly consists of Clinical Trial Center, which conducts the best and the highest number of clinical trials in Korea, Bio-Resource Center and Office of Research services. The center also has 6 supporting divisions: Research Education, Research Examination, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Research Information, PRMC, and DSMC.

Under the mission of Asan medical Center, "To contribute to the healthy life of humans with unwavering passion and to pursue the highest quality care within an environment of intensive research and excellent medical education", Biomedical Research Center [formerly called Asan Institute for Life Sciences] was launched in June, 1990. 22 years later, Clinical Research Center was launched as part of the vision to be a global leader in research and patient care. Since its opening, about 360 investigators have been devoted to research under long-term future plans to become a hub of clinical research with global competitiveness.

With 20 years of experience in clinical research, we make sure of an efficient research system providing basis for commercializing new drugs as well as professional trainings for each type of job assignments. We are here to give our best to an excellent clinical research.
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